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Native Australian Bees

Fluffy, tactile and gentle, come close to the Teddy Bear Bee puppets, feel their furry golden legs, scrunchy ruffles and listen to them buzz. The Teddy Bear Bees are designed to be touched, while their glowing eyes and gently pulsing wings highlight the warm waves of light inside their bodies as they fly from person to person.

Teddy Bear Bees are a smaller puppet suitable for small spaces, young children and low sensory engagement.

Teddy Bear Bees are a native species (Amegilla Bombiformis). Found Australia-wide except Tasmania, they are a large solitary bee covered in fine golden hairs and less pronounced stripes than an introduced bee. Each female builds a burrow for herself in soft topsoil and in some places, groups will create burrows close together along creek beds or under houses.

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