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installations | activations | immersive arts | community engagement | puppetry | experimental performance

Founded in 2006, the indirect Object is an award-winning Australian arts group creating immersive experiences for non-traditional spaces. With a history of diverse arts practice, we have performed, exhibited, and trained around Australia and the world.


Over 16 years, our practice has evolved and refined. Flowing from theatre-based performance through film, photography, puppetry, live art happenings, to outdoor interactive installations. Regardless of the project, our belief that art is for everyone means our work is always inclusive, accessible and free.


For 10 years we have created within 3 year themes, each theme drives our work in a new direction, while building on the core skills, ideas and techniques we have acquired.


Our first theme For the Love of an Orange (2013-2015) was an in depth exploration of Prokofiev’s Opera The Love of Three Oranges examined through short films, photography, experimental puppetry, object theatre and performance installations. During this time, we abandoned theatrical spaces to expand our research into the relationship between space, light, performing object and audience. The work became sensory, physical, spatial highly-stylised and non-narrative.


During Psychology of Landscape (2016-2018) our focus was live-art immersions. Projects were driven by colour, sound and spatial design. Narrative became visual or audio recordings. Live performers were replaced with multi-room installation journeys created for one person at a time. A handmade aesthetic blended with simple domestic technology that (thanks to puppetry techniques) made spaces responsive. Our focus on clean, geometric design became more detailed, nuanced and complex.


From 2018-2019 we developed a series of large-scale outdoor installations that harnessed interactive technology to create light, sound and sculptural performances. Here, the general public became both audience and performer, creating the experience through their engagement.


Our current theme Paradise (2020-2022) brings a 10 year arch full circle. Our focus on large-scale installations is combined with long-term community engagement projects and accessible, playful engagement. During this time manual play and off-grid or solar illuminations have taken the place of interactive technology. Our love of handmade design, domestic and found objects has evolved into an experimental approach to working with recycled, reclaimed, and / or sustainable materials.


Lost Lanes, Wagga Wagga NSW, 2021

Moomba / City Playground 2021

North Geelong Community Lantern Trail | COGG Arts Industry Commission 2021

Creative Victoria Creative Learning Partnership | TIO x WELS x FCAC 2020

Treasure Hill Artist Village - Solo Exhibition, Taiwan 2020

Upstream Festival of Arts & Culture,  Albury Wodonga 2020

Enlighten, ACT 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Extreme Arts Holiday Program, FCAC, VIC 2015 - 2022

Glen Eira Libraries, Summer Program 2020, 2022

Glow Winter Arts Festival, VIC 2019

Glow Festival, HOTA Home of the Arts, QLD 2019, 2020 (postponed) Winterfest Parramatta, NSW 2018, 2019

Luminous, Gladstone, QLD 2018, 2019, 2020 (canceled), 2021

Williamstown Winter Arts, VIC 2019

Roola Boola Children's Arts Festival, VIC 2019

CERES Environmental Park, Beautiful Darkness 2019

Music After Dark, VIC 2019

White Night Melbourne, VIC 2017, 2018

White Night Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, VIC 2018

Geelong After Dark, VIC 2019, 2020 (canceled)

Moonlight Festival, VIC 2019

Storyfest, VIC 2019

Kids Day Mackay, QLD 2019

Illuminate the River, VIC 2019

SeaChange Festival, NSW 2018

Mackay Festival of Arts | Illuminate Mackay, QLD 2018, 2021

Floriade Night Fest, ACT 2017, 2018

The Night Markets, VIC 2017, 2018, 2019

Werribee Winter Street Party, VIC 2018

Commonwealth Games Festival 2018, QLD

Festival of Live Art, VIC 2018

Floraide, ACT 2017

Due West Immersive Arts Festival, VIC 2017, 2019

West of What?, FCAC, VIC 2017

Art in Public Places, City of Hobson's Bay, VIC 2017

Werribee Children's Picnic, FCAC, VIC 2015, 2016, 2017

City of Kingston KingstonArts (various events) VIC 2017, 2018, 2020

Art Ed Victoria. VIC 2017, 2018

One Night in Footscray, VIC 2017

Big West Festival, VIC 2015

Ambulance Victoria 2010 - 2017

Festival of Colour, VIC 2017

Think West Festival, VIC 2017

Crack Theatre Festival, NSW 2014, 2016

Oakleigh Music Festival, VIC 2017

Clayton Street Festival, VIC 2017

Fun in Colour, Highpoint Shopping Centre, FCAC, VIC 2016

Coburg Carnivale, City of Moreland, VIC 2016

Good Friday Appeal 2016

Prague Quadrennial, Prague, Czech Republic 2015

Taipei Artist Village (Residency), Taiwan 2017

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