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Our majestic and playful Damselfly puppets are finely crafted in steel wire and illuminated throughout with addressable LEDs.


Blue Damselfly Puppet
At 2.5m long with a 3m wingspan our Blue Damselfly is a high impact graceful giant. Their body glows in shades of blue, purple, green and silver, capturing both the colour of the damselfly and the shimmering light reflection on their wings and bodies as they fly.

Inspired by the Swamp Bluet (Coenagrion lyelli), a bright blue common coastal damselfly found in south-eastern Australia from Tasmania to southern NSW and throughout Victoria.

Red Damselfly Puppet
At 1.3m long with a 1.6m wingspan, our Red Damselfly puppet is small, swift, and curious. It's pink body and is illuminated in ripples of warm reds and oranges.

Our Red Damselfly is inspired by the Redtail Damselfly (Ceriagrion aeruginosum) found in warm coastal regions from northern NSW, QLD, NT, and far-north WA.

Damselflies and Dragonflies are some of the most ancient living creatures on Earth, with fossils dating back over 250 million years – long before dinosaurs. Over 320 species are found throughout Australia near sources of fresh water.

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