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2022 - Continuing

Exploring pre-tech optical play, the Oculus design combines inspiration from vintage lighthouse beacons and the praxinoscope, an early animation device. Oculus is playful and interactive, spin the drum inside the beacon, watch the mirrors, listen to the sound design and experience the animation come to life. Each animation is different, but together they tell a story.

Oculus is our first installation that can be presented with solar illuminated only. When 100% solar, the lighting is simple, but the design maximises the potential of a single, white light source through reflection and kinetic movement. For most short events we combine solar light in the beacon with battery powered addressable light in the base.

Each Oculus beacon has a speaker and a sound design specific to the animation.

The Oculus animations are changed regularly, often tailored to each Festival of event.

The Oculus design incorporates recycled and reclaimed ply and acrylic. Each animation is printed on paper and can be recycled after each event.

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