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2021 - Continuing

An immersive garden of recycled plastic flowers

Imaginary Botanicals is a large scale installation featuring 400 individually crafted flowers created with community members from the North Geelong community. Each flower is unique and made entirely from recycled plastics, look closely and listen you may hear a flower sigh or yawn.

Designed as a calm space for all ages, Imaginary Botanicals is suitable for day and night display and has an infinitely flexible layout.

Designed to run off-grid, the lights have internal batteries and are charged each night. 

Made from recycled plastic bottles, bottle caps, vegetable bags, recycled whipper snipper cord and other household plastics collected and donated by members of the Geelong community as part of the North Geelong Community Lantern Trail project (2021). Many hundreds of flowers were made, the 400 displayed in Imaginary Botanicals is only a third of the total, the rest have found permanent homes with community members.

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