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2020 - Continuing

An immersive landscape of  illuminated Australian gumnuts and gumnut flowers.

Bloom is an immersive installation of large inflatable gumnuts and gumnut flowers. Designed for presentation during the day as well as at night, Bloom is a relaxing, tactile and playful landscape for all ages. Crawl inside a gumnut shell or nestle into the flower spikes and listen to the meditative soundscape featuring native bush sounds. 

Each flower is internally illuminated with soft glowing shades of salmons and pinks, with a feature ring of yellow and white light glowing from the face of the flower. The Gumnut shells are softly illuminated from a single point. Intimate and mysterious, the gumnut shells are a magical place to relax.

Inspired by the Corymbia ficifolia 'Fairy Floss' flowering gums (native to south west Western Australia). Like the soft pinks of the Fairy Floss blossoms, our giant flowers glow pinks, golds and salmons at night, and are white with pale pink flower spikes during the day.

Bloom is designed to run off-grid for up to 5 continuous hours, or can be powered for longer durations. Their purpose made wooden "stem" boxes safely house their blowers, batteries and inverters.

Bloom was our first inflatable installation, inflatable structures have a smaller carbon footprint than equivalent solid constructions as well as offering a soft, safe tactile surface. Inflatables are also smaller, lighter and easier to transport.

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