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Participant Feedback

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their experience with us.

Phenomenal curation of such a solitudinal experience - powerful & frightening. Such apt use of stimuli / or lack of (waiting room) to create an apparently maddening environment.

It's great to hear real people's stories and to do it alone. It is AMAZING to meet the REAL people at the end.

An extraordinary thing has happened to me. I feel cherished.

I work with young people and see a lot of MH issues in my work. That was wonderful

I have never experienced anything like that before! I have issues and I was terrified but thank you for sharing, I really connected.

Incredible gentle journey of telling the story, of sharing the pain, they joy, & the understanding.

This was like a physical version of my sometimes headspace. Lost for words (also sometimes) and loving everything about this experience. THANKYOU for actively putting energy into this - I am super grateful that this has been created. Thank you kindly. B.

The lighting effects and design really stood out to me - and what an open and empathetic way to touch upon such difficult material.

I had no idea... thank you.

A beautiful depiction of a very serious matter that affects a lot of Australians. Thank you for sharing.

A true image of what a person with depression feels. Great Job

Thank you for the honesty and truth.

You are very brave - thank you

Thanks for sharing such a personal story. You are beautiful souls. Looking forward to Verbatim mark II - This needs to be toured!

I feel like I journeyed - into your head. it was sad, but encouraging. you are loved, Molly

The corridor was a lonely experience. The big signs an arresting experience.

A beautiful journey - Reminded me of 'Walking in my Mind' at the Hayward Gallery some years ago as it brought to life the often hidden dark corners of the mind. Thank you for sharing your melancholic tales - the more people like you open up, the less alone people will be. ... Keep doing what you're doing - and ... keep talking.

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