Our 2020 creative theme exploring the world we have, the future we want and all that may be lost. Projects will be varied with crossover into our interactive installation and community engagement practice. 

Simplicity, play, sustainability.

Natural and recycled raw materials. 

Accessible, free arts experiences made for a better tomorrow.

This is Definitely Not a Chair

creative design workshop using recycled and reclaimed materials 

Exhibition January 17 - February 5

Footscray Community Arts Centre

Artworks created by the FCAC School Holiday Arts Program participants in collaboration with the indirect Object artists.


Readymades (found object sculptures)

Created January 15 & 16 Young people in the Outsiders (grade 1-2) and Cubists (grade 3-4) created found object sculptures inspired by Dadaist Readymades. On the first day, participants were divided into groups and given a secondhand, non-structural rescue chair as their starting point. They were encouraged to disassemble, reassemble and alter both the form and the function of their chairs. On the second day, groups were invited to incorporate small found objects and recycled materials into their designs.


Recycled Windows

Created January 14 The Surrealists (grade5–6) worked alone and in pairs to design and make their own large-scale “stained glass window” in response to the view through the RSG feature window. At the time, the Melbourne skyline was obscured by thick smoke haze. The final artworks capture this moment in time, depicting the haze, as well as the river, trees, roof tops and passing vehicles.


All chairs sourced responsibly, and all chair parts have been recycled into new art.


February 7 - 9 

Festival 23

Atrium is an experimental, interactive art installation, the first installation designed by TIO artist Thomas "Soup" Campbell. The work invites participants to explore an intimate connection between light and sound by somatically engaging with the sculpture. Atrium has a unique arrangement of plants that when touched create dynamic feedback. Atrium's focus is floating, evoking cloud like imagery that embodies the transient and spiritual connection between the imagination and our tactile reality.


The work consists of a contemporary geometric enclosure with potted and hanging live plants. Each plant in Atrium has a capacitive circuit which when touched triggers changes in the twenty different pixel LED light bars that are built in to the structure. The capacitive trigger also shapes the sound score which emanates from speakers in the base of the plants at the four corners of the structure. 


Development - March 20 - 31, 2020

Exhibition - April 1 - 12, 2020

Treasure Hill Artist Village

Taipei, Taiwan


An exploration of the theme of isolation drawing connections to the ascetic history of self-isolation in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

As Covid-19 swept the globe in March 2020 and closed borders, social distancing, shuttered venues, cancelled events and self-isolation became the new norms, TIO artist Beth McMahon found herself  alone in Taipei. Unable to undertake the planned creative development for the postponed 2020 Light Festival installation, Isolation was born.

Conceived, developed and created in the final 10 days of March 2020, Isolation was a rumination on our new shared normal. A series of illuminate still life installations made quickly using simple, domestic objects.


Visitors to Treasure Hill Artist Village were invited to peer through the windows of the Frontier Galleries to see a glimpse of imagined self-isolation scenarios where loneliness, longing and hope combine.


April 11 - 24, 2020

Holiday Inn Potts Point

Sydney, NSW


Quarantine was a daily image or video response to my 14 day mandatory hotel isolation. There was no plan, just a daily insight into what I saw, how I felt, and what I was doing and thinking about.

Reflections 2020

August 23rd - October 4th 2020

the indirect Object Laboratory

171 - 173 Moorabool Street, Geelong

REFLECTIONS 2020  is a program of illuminated and community-made artworks designed to be experienced through the windows of our Belcher Arcade studio on Moorabool St, Geelong.

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