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Participant Feedback

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their experience with us.

I loved standing behind the netting listening to the birdsong. A beautiful experience! I also enjoyed the camera obscura, especially watching the ghost like cars drive by. Many thanks, beautiful work.


I loved the journey - from the upside down ghostly cars, to the sinister clocks with their horrible noises forcing me to react - and the knitting lady, oblivious to the sounds, just keeping on - felt taken into a magic space where my heart heard sweet things, spying the toymaker made me yearn to be in there.


Beautiful and disconcerting... amazing to have my street reflected back at me. Nice job.


A seductive + immersive idea - turning Moore St's rumble into an oceanic meteor show - with a side serving of kooky fun. Loved it - thanks!


Loved the camera obscura! Thanks for the experience.


Fun, interesting, unexpected. Thanks for sharing with us. Loved it.

The camera obscura was great, but the alarm room did my head in - fantastic

Well done + thanks for opening your home for the festival - DWX


WOW - Immersive, slightly disturbing Love it


Unique experience sitting in a strangers home in the dark. Total insight.


"Fantastic experience with amazing lights and ideas. Immersive experience."

Avant garde house inspection. Interesting. Want to know more about why the person is knitting in the hectic time room?! Lovely soundscapes throughout.


Marvellously creative and provocative.  


I loved this thoughtful reflection on the beauty but noisy bustle & busyness of life in Footscray.

Bizzare, creepy, unexpected, wild!

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