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an interactive environment full of surprises

Little Wooden Caravan is a bespoke, immersive environment with new interactive experiences crafted for each event. Engaging, magical and full of surprises; Little Wooden Caravan seamlessly combines play, problem solving, object theatre and storytelling to transport participants to another world. Like a cozy dream capsule filled with poignant bedtime stories, Little Wooden Caravan kindles your imagination and lights the spark of play and childhood memories. Words paint pictures while your hands create landscapes and explore the tactile relationship between listening and doing.

Little Wooden Caravan | Interactive Stories

Shared Table Stories

Interactive, Immersive, multi-sensory stories for older children and adults

Your Shared Table story is a surprise, chosen through a game of chance using a paper fortune-teller. Listening on headsets, an evocative soundscape sets the scene for the story to come. During the story each person follows a unique set of instructions to find and animate objects on the table. Like a talking book brought to life, between paragraphs you are invited to explore the drawers and cupboards to reveal new objects and a new twist to the story.

Shared Table challenges the act of viewing puppetry, making each audience member an active interpreter of the text through their interactions with the objects and giving them the added sensations of touch, temperature and smell. By performing themselves, the participants are totally immersed, forming their own unique relationship to the story, objects, sensory environment, and each other. Every performance is different!

Puppetry Techniques

Shared Table is a live art object theatre performance designed for two participants. The participants are placed in the role of puppeteer. Following audio instructions to create the performance while listening to a narrative story on their headphones.

Little Wooden Caravan | Family Puzzle Room

Puzzle Rooms

interpretive problem-solving for small groups

Connecting informative clues to an engaging narrative, the Little Wooden Caravan Puzzle Rooms build listening, problem-solving, creative thinking and analytical skills. Designed for families and small groups, past puzzle room projects have explored urban histories, social justice, bullying, and friendship in a uniquely engaging way.  Families or groups work together to follow the clues, unlock locks, and solve puzzles to unravel the story hidden all around you inside the Little Wooden Caravan. Each Puzzle Room experience is different and handmade for each event. 

Little Wooden Caravan | Crative Play Chillout Space

Creative Play Chillout Space

Step inside a cozy, quiet space for families to relax and create together. 'Jacques' is filled with cushions, mobiles, and cuddly toys. His table is covered with a large scale colouring in sheet, and inside his cupboards you'll find games, spinning tops, and puzzles. ​

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