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interactive roving puppets

Two large luminous puppets that pulse with warm lights as they fly. When you touch their spots they giggle and their internal lights shimmer.

The Ladybirds are fitted with touch activated sound and light technology. Internal speakers mean their giggles come from inside the puppets, while external speakers fitted to the puppeteers play the Ladybirds' original score. During the day, their brightly painted bodies and glowing eyes can be seen, and at night their whole bodies and wings glow. The Ladybirds are a multi-sensory roving puppet for all ages.


Ladybirds are suitable for day and night events.

Ladybirds and the Environment

Ladybirds are predatory beetles, and a natural alternative to pesticides. The Australian ladybird Harmonia Conformis has a voracious appetite and is used as a biological control species to control aphids and other crop pests locally and overseas. Harmonia Conformis is our most common spotted ladybird. It's a temperate species found throughout southern and western Australia.

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