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See the world around you in a new way.


Make your own Kaleidoscope Viewer prism using a combination of rescued and recycled materials. Each viewer transforms what you see into breathtaking abstract, geometric patterns.

Night Workshops

For a vivid prismatic experience, light needs to hit the object seen through your Kaleidoscope Viewer. For night festivals you can choose a coloured light to attach to their Kaleidoscope Viewer to assist illumination.  Use your viewer to explore everything from the smallest flower to enormous projections.

Day Workshops

With an abundance of natural light, individual lights aren't needed on the Kaleidoscope Viewers. Use the same materials and your imagination to decorate and personalise your viewer before heading out to explore.

The Kaleidoscope Viewer Workshop can be presented alone, or as a companion arts & learning activity for Chromatica - our giant Kaleidoscope installation. 


We have 4 main sources for our workshop materials and have an extensive storeroom of materials purchased, donated or found over the last decade waiting patiently for a creative outcome. Donations from the Geelong community are invaluable and include unwanted arts and craft supplies, washed and sanitised household recycling, as well as salvaged or rescued materials. We also receive donations from businesses such as paper, cardboard packaging, fabric, wood, unused or unneeded raw materials and stock. Rescued materials means we've rescued them from landfill - these are often new but faulty, clearance, or damaged stock headed for the bin. Lastly when we need inspiration or bulk materials we don't already have, we visit post-consumer recycling centres.

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