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luminous, talking roving puppets

At over 7 feet tall, the Glow Worms are giant, loveable, other-worldly creatures that come out after dark.


Colourful, playful, and curious the Glow Worms are engaging for all ages. Illuminated by neon spines and sparking tentacle collars, the Glow Worms really glow - and dance, and talk. Inside the puppets, the puppeteers are fitted with special microphones and speakers so that each Glow Worm has its own unique ambient soundscape, and distorted live vocals. 

Glow Worms in Australia

While our Glow Worm puppets don't look like real the animal, Glow Worms are real creatures. Found only in the ancient remnant Gondwana rainforests in Australia and in New Zealand. Real Glow Worms aren't actually worms, they're the larvae of the fungus gnat and live for around 9 months before becoming an adult gnat. At night they glow an ethereal blue-green colour to attract prey to their sticky webs. Glow Worms thrive in permanently wet environments inside caves, tunnels and rocky outcrops. The rising temperatures and drying conditions created by climate change are a major threat to shrinking glow worm populations. 

Glow Worms roving puppets are for night events and light festivals with 3m overhead clearance only.

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